Friday, May 3, 2013

An End to Silence by Mark Hanson

I found this article very relevant and congruent with my way of thinking and the process that brought me to opting to keep my horses barefoot.  I thought you might enjoy it as well.
Of all the topics discussed between horse owners and professionals both on the internet and in the ‘real’ world, one in particular brings up more arguments, more entrenched views, more emotions, more claims and counter-claims and sadly, more actual aggression than anything else, and that is the debate between those who advocate the use of horseshoes and those who don’t, i.e. the farriers vs the barefoot movement[...]
The point I am making is farriers should know everything there is to know about horse’s feet... Today, there should not be an unsound or lame domestic horse on the planet[...]
Why is it that unlike almost all comparable human technologies the farriery ‘profession’ seems stuck forever in the dark ages?
I think the answer is simple, it is because farriers are not necessarily focused on maintaining the long-term health of a horse, – they are rewarded for maintaining the short term function of the horse[...]
In its short history the barefoot movement has discovered that the key element to natural healthy feet is a natural healthy diet. In addition the next most important consideration is the environment in which the horse is kept.

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