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Welcome to a new adventure, a result of my passion!

Thank you for your interest in The Natural Horse, presented by VifArgent Horsemanship!

This endeavor is actually a natural extension of the services already offered by VifArgent Horsemanship which simply came into being as a result of my vision and natural approach to horses.

VifArgent Horsemanship is dedicated to teaching horse lovers how to be natural with horses and to optimize their partner's mental, emotional and physical well-being.

During the course of my multiple interactions with students, more often than not I find myself answering questions about equine health and management, and people want to know how I care for my own.  I am proud of my mares, who are great examples of vibrant, healthy horses despite an intensive training schedule and the numerous long distance trips that are part of our semi-nomadic lifestyle.  Over the years, I have evolved towards a natural approach to feeding and caring for horses, and spent much time educating myself with top specialists to get there, continuously striving to implement a best practices approach aligned with the true needs of the horse.  I am now pleased to be able to share this knowledge with a greater number of horse lovers who are looking for solutions suited to the horse's nature, and wish to learn about a horse management system which is being tested on a daily basis by a professional on her own horses. 

Are you looking for products, services and ideas to optimize the well-being of equines, while respecting their true nature? 

This new site, also be a blog, intends to present and promote products, services and ideas to optimize the well-being of equines, while respecting their true nature. It will offer information and solutions to help horse owners meet the mental, emotional and physical needs of their partners, and to promote a healthy and happy equine, based on natural principles.

We will be covering the following topics:
  • Keeping horses outdoors
  • Feeding horses like horses
  • Social contacts and herd dynamics
  • Barefoot horses
  • Natural horse care alternatives
  • Learn to play, communicate and build a strong bond with horses
  • Natural riding dynamics and rider biomechanics
  • Natural tools and equipment
Now available in Canada:

This product is the result of several years of research and experimentation to develop an optimal feeding strategy for my own horses.  To find out more about the story behind the making of the Natural Horse supplement, click here
Feeding horses like horses!

You want to learn more about how to optimize your horses' well being naturally?  I am available for seminars and workshops in your area. 

I continue to travel to teach Parelli Natural Horsemanship, which fits in perfectly in a natural approach to the horse. Please check my web site for more information on Parelli training.

Do not hesitate to share your comments, questions and suggestions.  Subscribe to the blog and to our mailing list to stay updated on new articles, training opportunities, solutions, etc.
Naturally yours,
Geneviève Benoit

Geneviève Benoit, founder of VifArgent Horsemanship, is a Certified Equine Canada and FEQ Coach, and a Licensed Parelli 3 Star Instructor.  She offers conferences and workshops teaching equestrians to optimize their horse's well being, naturally!  She also teaches Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

For more information on training opportunities, visit or click on Education at the top of this page.

For additional information, contact us at or phone (514) 953-3485

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