Sunday, March 31, 2013

Which vaccinations should you give your horse?

“Should I vaccinate my horse? If so, which vaccines should I give?” 
As part of my own evolution to a natural horse management program, I have seriously reconsidered the need to vaccinate my horses for everything.  I found out first hand vaccines can cause serious side effects, not only right after they are given, but also long term.  One of my horses cannot tolerate most vaccination and needs to be monitored very closely when she is vaccinated, and I always insists on obtaining a shot free of adjuvants.  As a result, I have greatly reduced the vaccination protocol on my horses to a minimum, and focus instead on promoting a healthy immune system through proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  After all, when is the last time you had a tetanos shot?  Should it really be necessary to vaccinate horses for tetanos twice a year?  Read the article below by Dr. Ward, a holistic horse vet.

You should be aware that while vaccines can protect their horses against certain diseases, the side effects can often be worse than the disease itself.

Obviously the positive side of vaccinating horses is that your horse has some protection against certain diseases, especially diseases that are fatal. This is the “reward” side of the vaccination equation. The risk side of the equation relates to the possible side effects that may affect your horse later in life. Over-vaccinated horses, or horses who are not healthy enough to withstand vaccination can suffer from (to name a few):
- laminitis
- melanomas
- chronic colic and digestive issues
- chronic respiratory infections
- flare-ups of chronic illnesses previously under control
- metabolic dysfunctions

To read the whole article by Madalyn Ward, DVM , click below

Which vaccinations should you give your horse?