Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dandelions? Horses love them, and they are good for them too!

dandelionsDandelions...  They are coming up everywhere right now.  Gardeners and home owners try hard to get rid of them... What a shame, just let the horses have them!  Not only do theylove dandelions, but they are a really beneficial addition to their diet!

Dandelions contain potassium which is a macro mineral; macro minerals are required in large amounts in the equine diet.
Potassium is one of the most important minerals for horses.  It plays a huge role in maintaining the PH balance and it controls the amount of water in the cells.  However, its biggest job is involved in skeletal muscle excitability.  That means every time the horse moves a muscle he is using potassium, including to keep the heart beating.

Sources of potassium are forage, dandelion leaves, kelp and dulse (
Palmaria palmata).  

Dandelions are also a tonic food for the body and are thought to have anti-viral properties.

You can harvest and dry the dandelion leaves and flowers and feed them dry to your horse during the off season... or just let your horses graze on them rather than trying to get rid of them!

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