Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is that what we want for our horses?

A great look at the benefits of a natural living environment for horses and the 'paddock paradise' or 'track paddock' concept to maximize movement, stimulation and interaction.

Two of the keys to equine health and happiness are movement and social interaction. When locked up in a stall, the horse is isolated and does not have access to either of these vital components. Mental shutdown, aggression, depression, cribbing, wind sucking and colic are only a few of the consequences that result from stall confinement. A stall is a non-stimulating, potentially frightening and dangerous area and should only be used under certain circumstances (an injury requiring immobility, a contagious disease, dangerous weather, etc.) 
The track paddock (or "paddock paradise"), on the other hand, perfectly fulfills the requirements imposed by the equine body and mind. It is designed to encourage movement, and movement regulates everything from blood flow and bone growth and to the quality of the hooves. On the track, horses live as they were designed to: in a herd, constantly munching on hay while on the move. Track paddocks also provide horses with water holes, rolling areas, camping areas (shelter) minerals, herbs, obstacles, and more. If the natural boarding conditions are combined with a natural diet and a natural trim, the horse is guaranteed to develop strong, callused hooves and live a long, healthy life.

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