Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Equine Ulcer Treatment - Before and After by Mark DePaolo, DVM

I have suspected that one of my horses has been having ulcers and hind end acidosis issues for a while now, and after doing the easy palpations explained in this video, my suspicion has been confirmed.  This is a great way to check a horse for ulcers and other digestive issues without having to resort to an endoscopic exam, where the vet inserts a tube with a small camera ending to scope out the horse's stomach, a procedure that requires sedation and can be quite uncomfortable for the horse, not to mention expensive.

Diet and stress are two major factors in the development of ulcers.  My horse is on a forage only diet with minerals, no grain or carbohydrates, so I can rule out this cause.  However, this year she has been through a series of traumas requiring aggressive medical treatment, not to mention the stress associated with long term stall rest, the medication and the extensive traveling we have been doing across the USA and Canada.  Not to mention the frequent changes in forage and environment inherent to this type of lifestyle.

I started treating her with a Miracle Clay solution, some of the herbs listed in the video and essential oils and will be looking into adding aloe vera juice and the other herbs to her diet.  Red lighting the sensitive points as well as CV12 is also effective.

If she does not show significant improvement in the short term, then I would consider adding a course of medication as suggested by Dr. DePaolo after consulting my own vet.

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