Monday, May 2, 2016

The Natural Horse Daily Supplement is now available in pelleted form!

Yes, it has been a while coming, but the custom made Natural Horse Supplement is now available as pellets or powder!

Pellets are easier to feed, especially if you are not soaking hay cubes; they can be fed by hand if necessary. Both formulas contain the essential daily Selenium dose your horses need to maintain their health if they are on a forage based diet.  Eastern soils are devoid of this key mineral, and you might have seen reports of horses and ponies dying as a result of lacking Selenium.

The supplement is also loaded with other key trace minerals needed to optimize your horse's health.  I have also added salt, to promote hydration, and flax for the Omega-3.  Other than specialized supplements your horse may need for joint support, this is a complete formula for horses on a hay diet.  Only top quality ingredients are used, I keep a close eye on it!

The supplement is SAFE for horses with metabolic syndromes, Cushings or insulin resistant.

I could not find a suitable formula on the market, so I did a ton of research and finally created my own.  This is what I feed my horses daily, in addition to hay and water, and they are thriving!

Check out the order page for pricing, ingredients and quantities.

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